How to detect theft within the company?

One of the most serious threats with far-reaching financial consequences for any company is employee malpractice . It poses a particular risk for larger entities with a large number of employees. Failure to implement appropriate solutions and react to possible employee violations may expose the company to major losses. Theft in the company as a common […]

Hiding assets by debtors in companies.

The goal of most entrepreneurs is not only to maximize profits from their operations, but also to minimize potential risk of financial liability in the event of any financial problems or insolvency. For this reason, when starting a new venture, some entrepreneurs choose solutions that limit the liability and possibly hinder the satisfaction of the […]

Verification of the credibility of private persons from Poland.

Both business decisions and private decisions may require verification of the other party’s credibility. Its assessment will allow to make a decisionabout establishing cooperation or maintaining a relationship with a givenperson. Often, the lack of awareness about the past or history of a person leads to making decisions that may have serious consequences. Verification of […]