Effective debt collection in Poland

Each creditor wants to eventually enforce the debt from the debtor. For this reason, it is in the creditor’s best interest to know how to conduct debt collection effectively, i.e. to obtain debt repayment. Therefore, it is worth focusing not only on the recovery of claims via court order, but also taking all the necessary steps to conduct an effective debt collection even at the pre-litigation stage.

Judicial debt recovery vs. debt collection

Some creditors decide to claim their debts independently. Only in the case where their attempts are unsuccessful, they decide to go to court. In this case, it is worth remembering that debt collection performed without a proper know-how may actually help the debtor. It is because the debtor is aware of the attempts that are being made in order to recover the debt and can either conceal the assets or change the place of residence or stay in order to prevent the debt collection from being executed in the event of losing a court case. In this scenario, the creditor puts the process of recovering the money due at risk. Therefore, the debt collection process should be carried out in an appropriate manner, so that even if unsuccessful it could be of some help during a potential litigation or recovery of claims via enforced debt collection.

In addition, some foreign creditors give up on any debt collection activities if the debtors are from Poland and write off their debt because they have no knowledge on what steps to take in another country. Furthermore, Polish debtors know that foreign creditors decide not to collect their debt in Poland. It is in such situations that cooperation with experienced debt collectors or a professional debt collection agency may be very helpful.

Effective debt collection is one that works in favor of the creditor.

Entrusting a professional entity not only increases the chances of cash recovery at the pre-litigation stage. Professional debt collection provides plenty of valuable information that may turn out to be crucial during possible court proceedings or enforced debt collection.

Information obtained during the collection will allow, among others, to better prove the legitimacy of the claim to court. Skilful and effective debt collection also focuses on the correct identification of the debtor’s assets and its location. Thanks to this, it is possible to provide the debt collector with information that will allow to find the debtor and the concealed assets much faster. During this process, one can also assess whether the debtor takes any activities aimed at concealing their assets or actions that are supposed to make it difficult to reach them.

For this reason, it is worth to order professional debt collection from a detective agency from Poland. This significantly increases the chances of recovering money at the pre-litigation stage and also gives access to the information that will serve as the evidence during a civil case in the event of a court dispute. Debt collection carried out by a detective agency will also help the debt collector in their actions, due to the fact that the cooperation between an investigator and a debt collector is increasingly more common.


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