How to check the reliability of the business partner from abroad?

Foreign business partners also from Poland very often offer very favorable and interesting terms of cooperation. However, before the contact is established, in particular, if starting the cooperation is connected with the necessity to pay a significant amount of money, one should properly review the potential business partner. There are many possibilities to review. Especially in the area of the European Union there are many mechanisms which allow to check a given entity. Unfortunately, quite often there is a situation that the entrepreneurs on purpose use the non-familiarization of the provisions and language barrier in order to avoid responsibility for the liabilities. There also can be a situation in which the external entity poses as a given company. We present below the next steps which allow to review a foreign business partner.

  1. The review whether the business partner appears in the register of companies in a given country. European e-justice portal allows to check the European companies.
  2. Another step which should be taken is to overview the data bases of the EU taxpayers.
  3. If the company conducts the representation office in Poland one should check the data contained in the register of representation offices which is conducted by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.
  4. The contact with the Polish diplomatic facility, located in the country in which the activity is conducted by the potential business partner. In this way, one may obtain a number of valuable and free information.
  5. In order to review one may also obtained the information from local commercial chambers.
  6. Precious information may be found in the system of registration and identification of the economic entities for the customs purposes of EORI.
  7. Contact with the clients of the business partner in order to obtain broader information, e.g. on punctuality, settling due liabilities. Searching for the information websites, forum, social portals.
  8. Establishing the assets of the company and their owners.

As it can be seen from above, the mechanisms of review of potential business partners, in particular foreign ones are quite complicated. Very often it is necessary to prove the language command and foreign provisions. In some countries, in order to run the company it is required to possess a license. There can be a situation happening in which a given entity appears in different bases but it does not have the valid license anymore  to run the activity.

A large problem today is posing as other entities. This problem refers also to the Polish entrepreneurs. Quite often, there are organized crime groups as well as dishonest entrepreneurs who specialize in the activity of this type.

The specialists from our detective office dealwith the review of the business partners. The information obtained by thelicensed detective in the course of the economic investigation will allow tomake a just decision concerning the starting the cooperation or resignationfrom further negotiations. Due to this it will be possible to avoid anyfinancial losses. However one should remember that the risk is the constantelement of the business activity to run.

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