How to detect theft within the company?

One of the most serious threats with far-reaching financial consequences for any company is employee malpractice . It poses a particular risk for larger entities with a large number of employees. Failure to implement appropriate solutions and react to possible employee violations may expose the company to major losses.

Theft in the company as a common example of employee malpractice.

Theft is one of the most common examples of employee malpractice. It can cause major losses for the company, especially if done by senior employees with access to particularly sensitive information and documents, including, in particular, registers and records. In such cases, the identification of violations may be difficult and as such should be performed by persons with experience and appropriate tools and solutions.

Undertaking appropriate steps may, however, be crucial to avoid further financial losses. One should also bear in mind the fact that, as a rule, the cases of more serious employee malpractice tend to be skilfully covered up, which, due to passage of time, often hinders the proper identification of theft or other types of violations on the part of employees.

How to detect theft within the company?

The cases of theft in the company not only generate losses for the company, but in some cases can lead to serious loss of reputation. This may be the case in industries where customers hand over their property to the company and make it responsible for its security, repair, upgrade or storage. In such a case, the theft may seriously damage the company’s reputation and generate high costs due to the need to cover the damage suffered by the customer.

If there is a suspicion of theft occurring within the company, an immediate reaction is crucial and must lead to implementation of appropriate anti-theft measures, as well as taking steps to detect the scale of theft and its perpetrators. For this purpose, it is worth to seek help from specialized organizations such as detective agencies. Their rights and experience guarantee due diligence and proper conduct of activities aimed at detecting theft in the company. The involvement of a detective agency will also allow to collect necessary evidence for a possible civil or criminal case.

The evidence is necessary to terminate the employment

An employee who steals the company property violates the duty to care for the good of the enterprise and to protect it property. Such behavior can be considered a serious violation of basic employee duties and can be the basis for termination of the employment contract without notice due to the fault of the employee. However, one should bear in mind that the employer  has to provide evidence that a serious violation of  employee’s duties has taken place. Also for this very reason, it may often be necessary to ask a polish detective agency for help.

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