How to safely cooperate with a polish contractor.

Polish entrepreneur is often a secure partner in business. In practice, however, there are situations where you meet an unreliable and dishonest entrepreneur who deliberately uses the lack of awareness of his contractor or his/her weaker negotiating position. In order to avoid unnecessary business risk, it is worth protecting yourself with prior accurate verification of a potential contractor from Poland. Verification can be carried out by a detective agency, which guarantees that factors that may raise doubts as to the credibility of the contractor will be identified at the appropriate stage.

A safe contractor from Poland

Verification of the credibility of the contractor from Poland should always start from checking its data and details regarding its business. A warning signal may, though not always must, include an extensive business structure, especially involving a large number of companies that do not run or operate in a limited degree of economic activity. This type of situation may indicate that the contractor  hides its assets in companies in case of any problems with liquidity. In such case, it will be important to verify whether the contractor from Poland is the direct owner of the property that will allow for possible satisfaction of claims in the event of failure to receive payment from such contractor, or in the event of lack of performance or occurrence of damage.

Verification of the legal form of the contractor from Poland

The business structure of the client from Poland should also be subject to a special analysis, especially when it operates as a commercial company. A warning signal may involve a business structure where it is difficult to identify the actual owner. Such a situation may prove that the potential contractor will be secured in the event of any financial difficulties, and such actions may effectively hinder the possibility of seeking possible claims, hence it is worth paying particular attention to them. Identification of the actual owner at a sufficiently early stage will also allow for specific actions to be taken in advance at the stage of seeking claims from a contractor violating his contractual obligations. This type of task should be outsourced to a detective agency whose experience will provide the opportunity to obtain accurate information on the business structure of the contractor from Poland and will allow to identify the persons responsible for the decision-making process within the business. Exact  knowledge of a contractor from Poland  will also allow you to determine who can be liable with their property in case of violation of the terms and conditions of cooperation.

Looking for property

A very important factor related to cooperation with any contractor is an appropriate verification of its financial status. The knowledge about the contractor’s financial capabilities is a factor that should be a basis for the decision on cooperation in major investments or any agreements where certain financial consequences may arise in the event of failure in proper realisation of such agreements. A prior analysis of assets carried out by a detective agency, which will precede the cooperation, will allow you to assess whether the contractor is a financially reliable partner whose assets will allow for the satisfaction of the claims of the other party in case of any problems.

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