Indebtedness of Poles in Great Britain.


More and more Poles in Great Britain have problem withpayment of the liabilities incurred. An increasing indebtedness ratio of Polesin Great Britain  causes that a part ofthem wishing to avoid the necessity to reimburse the debt they incurred, decideto come back to Poland for avoiding enforcement procedure from assets. Such asituation does not prevent from recovery of debt  howewer forces much more involvementfrom the creditor who is forced to enforce the due amounts of the debtor in Poland.

Indebtedness of Poles in Great Britain versus escape from debt to the homeland

Indebtedness of Poles in Great Britain becomes frequently a reason for the debtors to return to the homeland. The debtors whodecide to take this decision count on passivity of the credit who will beforced in such a situation to seek due amounts from the assets located abroad, in addition under the principles governing  in another legal system. Theabove reasons are frequently reflected in the decision on dismissing theprocedure to seek due amounts. However it is worth bearing in mind that thevindication process presently does not have to require personal activity of acreditor if it is entrusted to the entity which is able to deal with the process in a professional manner.

Debt in Great Britain versus vindication and searching for the debtor’s assets in Poland  

The creditor from Great Britain possessing due amounts may order its vindication to a professional entity which deals with vindication processes without any obstacles. Such a decision guarantees that the vindication process will take into account the specifics of the enforcement procedures of due amounts in Poland. This is especially important when the methods of hiding debtor’s assets are at stake in Poland. The professional entity is able to identify the processes and events connected with the assets of the debtor in the country which in turn will allow to start proper actions aiming at debt recovery.

In case of European Enforcement Titles, being thebasis to institute the enforcement procedure before the Polish court executorit is extremely important to, in turn, conduct the process of finding thedebtor’s assets properly. Fast and effective identification of components ofthe assets which may be subject to enforcement many times are the conditionsfor seeing the due amounts effectively. The process of searching for theassets, despite being conducted by the Polish court executor, many timesrequires the support of proffesional detective agencies or  business intelligence offices which definitely increases the probability to recover the debt.

Debt in Great Britain versus the debtor hiding in Poland

A frequent problem for the creditor is to find the debtor themselves who while coming back to Poland starts activities aiming at making it difficult to locate them. The problem is intensified by the lack of proper information on the creditor’s side which allows to find them. In such a case it is worth being aware of the fact that the vindication process conducted by professional entities covers starting activities aiming at locating the debtor, their assets included.  

Recovery of the debts incurred in Great Britain in Poland

Vindication of debts from Poles who incurred debt in Great Britain requires much more activity from the creditors. The process  may be however conducted with the support of the entity which deals with the processes of the type in Poland which definitely increases a chance for debt recover. More information  on the services can be found at  

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