Verifying polish business partner.

Running a jointventure requires not only the mutual commitment of partners in establishing the value of the company, but, more importantly, mutual trust and honesty. It is worth to make sure that the potential or existing parter is credible and honest. To this end, it is worth to consider verifying a partner – both during business planning and any stage of its actual development.

Verifying the partner  from Poland before starting a business.

Verifying the partner prior to starting a business may be necessary if future shareholders intend to put their own assets of significant value in the planned business. This may be also justified if the future company should be run in a legal form that does not limit the liability of the partners and when each partner is liable with their own private assets for liabilities related to the activities of their joint company. In such a situation, it is better to make sure that the future partner is a credible person and their actions will not expose other partners to liability.

Veryfing the loyalty and integrity of the partner.

 In some cases it may be necessary to verify the partner who has been involved in mutual business for a longer while. The reason for the verification of the Polish partner, also one who has been involved in a joint undertaking for a longer time, may in particular be a case where one of the partners notices regular depletion of the company’s assets. In such a case, it is worth to make sure that the partner does not act to the detriment of the other partners and that there are no violations aimed at obtaining additional financial benefits.

Veryfing the partner’s loyalty may also be crucial if there are suspicions of them planning to abandon the joint business and start a business on their own. In such a case, the disloyal partner often decides to unlawfully acquire and copy data and then use it for the benefit of their new company . This type of activity violates the law, but it is recommended to collect the appropriate evidence.

Preventive checking of the partner and reaction to the malpractice in the company

Veryfing the partner may also serve a preventive cause. In such a case, each of the partners can make sure that there are no irregularities within the company. If they are identified, the verification of the partner may prove their fault or show that the fault is not on their side, but rather on the part of the senior staff. This will allow to focus the analysis on other people within the organization by identifying employee violations. 

In cases where, in turn, the interests ofone partner are violated by the other, it is quite essential to verify thepartner. This type of behavior is to be penalized, but it is necessary tocollect the appropriate evidence that can be used to support a criminal or civil case in the event that the dishonest partner causes damage to the company.

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