Whether a polish entrepreneur is a safe entrepreneur in business?

Despite the fact that in Poland from year to year a signifcant economic growth is noted further on a very large percent of Polish entrepreneurs have problems with punctual payment of thier liabilities or remain in debt. In case of some sectors a decision on starting cooperation with a new business partner is connected with another high financial risk and requires detailed analysis. For this reason it is worth assessing whether a Polish entrepreneur will be a safe partner in business.

Review of credibility of the business partner from Poland

In the event when the Polish entrepreneur is business partner, review and assessment of his reliability by aforeign entrepreneur may be difficult. In such a case it is worth ordering the business intelligence to be conducted which will allow to obtain theinformation concerning legal, financial and economic situation of a potential business partner. The data obtained in this way will allow not only to assessthe risk which is attached to the business cooperation with. Polish entrepreneur but also start any actions which in a larger extent will secure the cooperation planned.

Commercial cooperation verses indebtedness of Polish entrepreneurs

As it results from the data published by the National Debt Register, the indebtedness of Polish entrepreneurs reaches almost 10 bn PLN. In addition, in 2017 only, bankruptcy was declared by 591 entrepreneurs, whereas towards 348 of them the restructuring procedure was instituted. The above data shows how significant the review of a Polish business partner is before establishing business cooperation.

Business intelligence of Polish entrepreneurs

As long as a part of information concerning Polish entrepreneurs is open and available by means of public register, so much a key part of the information necessary to review the business partner requires many times  the support from business intelligence or detective agencies. The data obtained by a professional entity could define whether a potential partner in business fulfilled his liabilities punctually so far  and, first of all, whether in the scope of his activity there are no irregularities which may disqualify him as a reliable business partner.

Assessment of a future and current business partner

For the entrepreneur, not only review of a potentialbusiness partner from Poland is important, but also current review which may be conducted also in course of cooperation. Such an activity will allow to avoid financial risk in case of making a financial decision in relation to the business partner from Poland who has been financially credible so far, but fordifferent reasons may have liquidity problems in the future and the realization of the liabilities. Proper review of key business partners will allow to make proper business decisions which may be of key importance for the activity conducted. Due to valuable information obtained from the business intelligence it will be possible to make business decisions and establish relations with key business partners more safely and more effectively.

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