• Financial intelligence – actions aimed at determining the assets at one's disposal, such as movable and immovable property, as well as obligations, economic links, business shares.
  • Community interview – carried out to gather complete data on the person of interest. It is usually carried out at the place of permanent or temporary residence or employment and is supplemented by appropriate surveillance of the person and their surroundings. It enables us to establish their personal and financial situation and confirm the credibility of your future counterparty or employee.
  • Competitive intelligence – involves gathering, verifying and monitoring information about the actions taken by competitors. It is based on acquiring information from publicly accessible sources, both inside information and data from the business surroundings. The data enable decision-makers to take the right actions with regard to their current and future business activity.



Our business investigations aim to protect brands and intellectual property, as well as to collect evidence pointing to corporate wrongdoing. Moreover, ongoing monitoring of the actions taken by business competitors makes it possible to detect any dishonest practices early and minimise losses arising from illegal actions.

Unfair competition practices include, among others:

  • misleading company, product or service markings
  • product imitation
  • trade secret breaches
  • encouraging a breach of contract of employee obligations
  • distribution of false information
  • preventing other entrepreneurs from entering the market
  • bribing public officials
  • pyramid selling schemes.



Investigative IT services answer the growing needs of the market dominated by electronic records circulation and an increasing number of crimes made with the use of digital data carriers.

In the virtual world, users leave behind a great amount of logs and traces of their activity which can be successfully used to identify the author of the contents.

We acquire electronic evidence of crime, fraud and wrongdoing, which may harm the interest of companies or private individuals. We detect data leakages, identify dangerous or malicious con-tents and theft attempts.



Our actions help minimise threats which may occur in the future. Staff monitoring involves:

  • verification of the accuracy of data provided in a CV
  • fulfilment of agreements concluded
  • acquiring information from the criminal register
  • checking any possible connections between staff and other entities
  • identifying actions taken outside the company.

The material collected can be used in court proceedings.



Information and materials gathered in the course of work carried out by our licensed investigators may prove very helpful for civil law proceedings.

We offer the following services to our individual customers :

  • people and property searches
  • address verification
  • identification of assets
  • bug detection
  • personal surveillance
  • collecting evidence in civil matters
  • inheritance-related matters.